Anytime a check is paid to Discovery Bands, Madison City Schools requires that checks include two phone numbers and a drivers license number to verify. Thank you for understanding and supporting our awesome students!

Fundraisers are updated on this page as they are active.

There are no active fundraisers at this time (besides the ongoing purchase of DMS Band Spirit Wear).

Spirit Wear:

This sale is open all the time. Go to the website and have our spirit wear mailed to your house! Thank you for supporting the Discovery Band program!


Items from this shop are mailed directly to you, and a portion of the proceeds go to DMS Bands! Thank you for your support! We have everything from t-shirts (short and long sleeve) to hoodies, sweatpants, pullovers, gym shorts and more! Check it all out. We can’t wait to see all of our supporters in the DMS Band spirit!

If you are interested in helping out with one of our fundraisers, please check the “latest news” tab of the website and visit the latest DMS Newsletter! There are tons of choices for ways to volunteer, donate items, etc. Thank you!

Fundraising Overview:

Items to sell (last time sold in parentheses):

  • Coffee/Hot Chocolate (fall 2021)
  • Bed Sheets Sales (Spring 2022)
  • Cookbooks (Coming soon?)
  • Pampered Chef partnership (fall 2021)

Event Fundraisers:

  • Snap Raise/Donations Based
  • DMS Halloween/Spring Dance Events
  • Silent Auctions at Concerts

Questions about any present or future fundraisers? Please email!