Why do I need to login to CHARMS?

Mainly, parents and students can use our CHARMS system to keep up with contact information for the band (this is how we build our email distribution list, etc) and checking in on which fees are owed, etc. Financial statements are a unique aspect of the DMS Band program that many other programs at Discovery don’t have – we are able to input fees into a database and keep up with payments throughout the year instead of taking them all at once. We use this extensively for those in 2nd and 3rd year band who go on our spring trip!

Charms is a MUST for all DMS band members so we can not only help you keep up with fee information and band newsletters, but we also need to keep up with instrument assignments/inventory and locker assignments, etc. We can also keep up with our music library and other awesome features. Please make sure you take the time to login to Charms and make sure its updated!!

How do I login to CHARMS?

Charms Office login instructions:

Go to Click “Enter/Login” in the upper right hand corner. Scroll down to Parent/Student/Members login.

Charms Login PDF

What is CHARMS?

The Charms Office Assistant was launched in 2001, and since has become the leader in cloud-based organization, management, and communication for successful organizations, primarily music/band groups. It is an all-encompassing office assistant.

Discovery Band uses CHARMS to keep records of instrument inventory, locker organization, roster lists, distribution/email lists and communication, fee information, payment plans, music library lists and more. We depend on our CHARMS system remaining up to date and accurate, which is why it is so important for parents to login and make sure information is up to date. The band program at Discovery is the largest student organization on campus and we pride ourselves on remaining organized and efficient! Thank you for your help in this endeavor!

  • Charms Apps – Charms can also be utilized on your mobile devices for volunteer sign ups, news, calendars, accessing files and handouts, and more. Apps available for iOS and Android devices!  Use of Charms App requires entering student area password.  Enter  NCHSMusic for the school code.