DMS Band Booster Info:

Please volunteer! We need your help!

Here are the VOLUNTEER CARD Directions from Madison City Schools website. ALL parents who volunteer with us

2018/2019 Band Booster Positions

Below are a list of booster positions for the coming year.  Some are very critical to the program and need dedicated people who will take on the task.  The DMS Band Boosters have always operated smoothly and its a great way to get involved in your students’ activities. Look at the description of the booster positions below.  If you are interested in holding a position for the band, please send an e-mail to

President – Work with director on scheduling of all band activities.  Organize the boosters to fill the needs of the bands.  Send weekly e-mails to the band parents.

Fundraising-Sponsorships – Develop sponsorship goals and solicit sponsorship from area vendors for the band.  This is for both general fund and car show.

Fundraising-Spirit Nights – Solicit and organize monthly spirit nights.

Fundraising- Various Fundraisers/Dances – Organize two dances and two to three fundraisers during the school year.  Organize spirit wear sales in the fall.

Treasurer – Responsible for the collection and receipting of all funds coming into the band program.  Assist director with the PO process and making sure all needs requiring funds are met.

Logistics – Coordinate and move equipment for band needs.

Trips – Assist the band directors in planning and organizing the annual spring band trip.

Uniforms – Size each student for their proper uniform. Organize the annual used uniform sale and purchase of new uniforms.  Performs uniform inspection before each performance.

Calendar/Social Media – Maintain the DMS calendar in CHARMS.  Post regular updates about band activities and schedule on the band social media pages.

Inventory/Library – Maintain the music library and instrument inventory in CHARMS.  Assign instruments to students as needed. (Can split this into 2 positions: Instrument Inventory and Music Library).

Hospitality – Organize the annual alumni game cookout, holiday party, and end of year party.  Organize other hospitality events as needed.

Chaperones – Keep an organized list of BIB approved volunteers. Schedule chaperones and volunteers for Band events.

Pep Band – Organize activities for the Pep Band, make sure the band has bottled water in coolers, supervise students, etc.

Guard (Will be filled in the fall) – Organize the schedule, uniforms, chaperones, etc. of all guard activities.

Percussion (Will be filled in the fall) – Organize the schedule, uniforms, chaperones, etc. of all percussion/percussion ensemble activities.